Maximo Cortese
Maximo Cortese
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License: SL3347557

With over 15 years of unwavering dedication to the dynamic world of real estate, Maximo Cortese (a Boca Raton native) is a seasoned professional who discovered his passion for the industry at an early age. Rooted in the foundations of property management, he nurtured his interest by delving into real estate investments during his early twenties. This journey naturally evolved into a thriving career, where Maximo found his stride as a realtor. He initiated his sales career on the commercial side in 2016, showcasing his keen understanding of intricate transactions. Thereafter transitioning to the residential sector, Maximo has honed his expertise in oceanfront condos, earning him a reputation as a go-to expert in this market. What truly sets Maximo apart is his innate ability to embrace challenges, finding his passion in complex deals where he can add value. His genuine commitment to his clients shines through his exemplary skill in navigating transactional intricacies, providing steadfast support and guidance throughout the process.

Outside the realm of real estate sales, Maximo continues to channel his passion and drive into expanding his horizons. As an avid investor in real estate, he dedicates his free time to exploring new markets and seeking out untapped opportunities. This passion for the industry translates seamlessly into his professional approach, where transparency serves as the cornerstone of his interactions with clients. Maximo firmly believes that arming his clients with the knowledge of all possible outcomes, not just the favorable ones, empowers them to make informed decisions. Guided by a simple yet profound mission statement—"Trust, but verify"—he consistently demonstrates his unwavering commitment to building trusting relationships founded on mutual transparency. In a world where real estate transactions can sometimes get tricky, Maximo stands out as a beacon of reliability, trust, and expertise to ensuring his clients' journey crosses the finish line.