What is Milani Park

Around 50 years ago, the inception of Milani Park unfolded when Cam D. Milani acquired slightly over five acres of land in Highland Beach, which now bears the park's name. His initial vision was to erect 130 multi-family units on this property. However, this proposal faced staunch opposition from the Town Commission, leading to protracted legal battles. Eventually, a compromise was reached, allowing only 65 units to be built, which never materialized. After years of the land lying dormant and a failed deal with another developer, Lucia Milani sold the property to Palm Beach County for $3.9 million. This sale was contingent upon the land being transformed into a park named after her deceased husband.

Despite this, the Town vehemently opposed the park's development, expressing concerns about escalated traffic and potential crime accompanying a public park. Delays plagued Milani Park's progress throughout the 1990s due to financial constraints and ongoing lawsuits. Finally, in 1999, the County Commission reasserted its commitment to the park's development, followed by the Town granting the necessary zoning in 2000. However, numerous delays ensued, culminating in a 2010 settlement agreement stipulating that Milani Park wouldn't materialize until at least 2020, with provisions allowing further construction delays until 2025 or 2030.

The Town Commission encourages residents to communicate their thoughts and concerns regarding Milani Park's development to their respective District’s County Commissioner, Marci Woodward. Commissioner Woodward can be reached by phone at (561) 355-2204 or via email at [email protected].

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